ScoutVid is a space that every athlete can call their own.

It’s a place to store progress, sporting achievements, and memories. It’s a stage for athletes to showcase themselves and what they are capable of. The ScoutVid stage is easily shareable with friends and family, and even the rest of the world. Everyone can do something. We want to empower kids and keep them excited about their potential. Ultimately, we want kids to be proud to play.

For the more serious athlete, ScoutVid is a way for them to market themselves and gain a separation from the politics and favouritism in sport. ScoutVid allows the athlete to demonstrate various skill sets that may not have been visible or may have been overlooked in a tryout setting.

ScoutVid is a valuable tool for coaches to get an in-depth look at players. They can get an overall picture – not just from a skill standpoint, but also from character, personality, and strength viewpoints via interviews and training videos.

ScoutVid purposely does not display the tier level of the athletes. The intent is to let the videos do the talking, and let people evaluate what they are watching without any preconceived notions. Young athletes change drastically from one year to the next, so ScoutVid can act as a historian, documenting increases in size, strength, and skill.

ScoutVid’s goal is for the athletes to become one big family. They will work to support one another along the athletic journey. ScoutVid wants every athlete to remember that their similarities are greater than their differences.